Episode 20: Let's Talk about Pelvic Health (because it should be talked about!) ft. @pelvichealthguru

This week, Shira is joined by her sister Loni, a Pelvic Health advocate and founder of @pelvichealthguru

We discuss:

  • Their experience with pelvic pain

  • Common pelvic pain conditions

  • Treatments and management of pelvic health issues

  • Tips for advocating for yourself to doctors

  • Coping with an invisible chronic illness

  • Becoming comfortable talking about this “taboo” issue

  • How to approach the issue with sexual partners


Season 2 Episode 5: Pelvic Health, Pain, and Money with Leilani (from Pelvic Health Guru) and Michelle (from The Happy Pelvis)

This is episode is Part 1 of a 2 part episode and is an interview between two really amazing and helpful people: Michelle from the Happy Pelvis and Leilani from the Pelvic Health Guru.

They both run two different organizations that help people with pelvic pain & health, but they came together to create a that gives tips to have better pelvic health/ways to handle pain/talk about medical issues that could be caused by the pelvis/products people can use (with discounts)/other orgs that help with Pelvic Health and MUCH MUCH MORE!...they put A LOT of effort into it and are doing this all for free or on small donations so check out their guide, reach out to them, and use their resources!


There will be 8 FREE sessions for persons (women, gender-fluid, non0binary, transgender men and non gender conforming individuals) living with chronic sexual pain! Starting from May 10th until June 28th PST 4-6 or EST 7-9PM

There is no art making experience necessary or any commitment required!

To register please email cultivatearttherapy@hushmail.com or Katrina's website below.

I will be joining Katrina in some of the sessions and look forward to seeing you all there! Please help to spread the word to anyone who might benefit!


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Pelvic Pain Disorders: Understanding The Diagnostic Delay